45 years on and Wimbledon Windmillers are still going strong

Wimbledon windmillers | Rounders England

New Year’s Day in 1974, when 1st January became an annual bank holiday, a Rounders game took place near the windmill on Wimbledon Common and 45 years later the game is still played on the common, in all kinds of weather.

Now commonly known as the Wimbledon Windmillers, this group of men; together with their wives and partners, continue to meet up for a ‘blow the cobwebs away after New Year’s Eve’ Rounders match.

wimbledon windmillersThe weather was good this year. The group started to play at 2pm and continued for an hour or so. Scores were kept but with concentration declining became less important as the game progressed – after all that’s not the aim of the group coming together.

The group were a bit disappointed as there was only ten players this year versus 12 last year, when the weather was lousy. They remain confident that there will be a gathering in 2019, followed again by the excellent ‘co operative’ tea party.

The mild weather brought out lots of walkers to the common. The number of players increased to 12 for twenty minutes or so when two walkers passing by joined the game. They said they may join in again in 2019. Perhaps a deep extra cover, close to the footpath, would double as a recruiter!

Is this the longest running Rounders event? If there is anyone who knows of similar established Rounders events, we’d like to hear about them. It’s always interesting to learn about any Rounders activity that takes place outside of our funded relationships. Email us with your stories to enquiries@roundersengland.co.uk.

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