Alan Fergus celebrates 50 years of playing Rounders!

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This year The South Yorkshire Rounders League will mark their longest standing player, Alan Fergus, as he plays his fiftieth year of Rounders.

Alan began playing Rounders at the tender age of 16, when his employer, Firth Brown Tools were part of The Sheffield Works League. Having changed names over the years, the league is now more commonly known as The South Yorkshire Rounders League.

Alan has achieved a great deal during his Rounders journey. In 1986, Alan travelled to Ireland to captain and play for England, in the first match against Dublin. He has also contributed to the national growth of the game by gaining his qualification as a National Umpire. As well as his involvemeAlan Fergusnts as a player and umpire, Alan was integral to the changes that shaped the development of the national governing body. He took on the role of Umpire Secretary, then International Officer and also Equipment Officer, where he was responsible for testing new equipment. If that wasn’t enough, he was also England Team Manager for several years!

In 1996, Alan became a Vice President of Rounders England for his services to Rounders. Before retiring from Rounders England, he was Director of Development and Competitions.

Alan’s investment in Rounders extended beyond the field and for a number of years he was joint owner of WAFT Sports. The company was formed by Alan and his friend Terry Woolhouse to produce and sell approved Rounders equipment. For some time the company was at the forefront of equipment innovation. Its biggest accolade was the production of the WAFT Superbat which Alan designed.

Today you will still find Alan on a field or pitch, playing his favourite bat and ball sport. Come rain or shine, he is still aiming for 4th Post and of course scoring Rounders!

Alan is leading the way in South Yorkshire, encouraging all ages to continue their fitness journey. If you feel inspired and want to get involved with the South Yorkshire Rounders League, you can contact League Secretary, Lawrence Ross at

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