Aresson Pro Bat: What it takes to make a bat.

Aresson 200 x 200 | Sophie Wilkinson, Aresson

The eagerly anticipated Aresson Pro Bat is here! We caught up with Sophie from Aresson to find out what it takes to design, create and test the newest member of the Aresson bat family.

The Aresson Pro has been redesigned and rebalanced to ensure that it has a light swing weight whilst maintaining big hitting power. This bat is all about transferring the most energy from the swing to propelling the ball as far as possible. A new, textured handle offers maximum grip and enhances feel to ensure full batting speed. Every bat is protected by its own bespoke case which includes a zipped pocket for a ball, car keys or loose change.

Unfortunately, for many years an ancient, grubby wooden rounders bat has been the norm. In every other sport, for example, lacrosse, netball, and hockey, the calibre of sports equipment have improved rapidly over the years. In hockey, carbon fibre bats and contemporary graphics, colours etc are the norms. Our thought has always been, why not in Rounders? In order to play at the highest level of any sport, elite players require the best performing equipment. This is no different in rounders and ultimately, elite rounders players playing with the highest calibre of equipment create a benchmark for other players to aim for.

We have already developed a range of the coloured Vision bats and the hybrid metal and wooden Autocrat Plus and Dictator Bats. We knew, however, that the aluminium bat was the best bat on the market due to its durability and big hitting performance. Once we had the technology, we further developed the aluminium bat by improving the aesthetics and rebalancing the bat to ensure it was the right weight for both swinging and hitting long distances.

Aresson Pro advertThe Aresson Pro is made from aircraft grade aluminium which starts life as a cylindrical tube of steel. This is then swaged into its rounders bat shape. At this stage, weighing the bat and checking the balance of the bat is essential. The new Aresson Pro has had weight removed from the handle end to ensure that it is correctly balanced. The bat is then adonised to give it a sleek black colour. The bung and handle are then added before the bat is printed on a rotary printer with its distinctive graphics.

The bat has been put through its paces to test durability, safety and performance. Here’s what Jordan Russell, from the England U16 squad, has to say about the Aresson Pro:

The Aresson Pro is really nicely balanced for a light swing weight but maximum slogging power! It’s definitely the first bat of its kind – this is the bat to play with this season. Plus with its own case, what’s not to love!”

Product Highlights (grip, measurements etc):

Limited numbers of this bat are available at Priced at £59.99

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