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A team player, Umpire, Coach, Rounders England Tutor and Coordinator of the Burnley Rounders League (Get In2…Rounders) is there anything this Rounders Hero can’t do?!


Nicola Hedge continues to go above and beyond in contributing to the success of one of the fastest growing sport in the town, with over 400 women playing in the Burnley Rounders League regularly. Having taken on the responsibility of updating statistics, posting regular updates of results and league tables on social media, organising Umpires for matches, Nicola truly is a shining example of what Rounders is all about…passion!

The Burnley end of indoor season presentation was the perfect opportunity to celebrate Nicola’s hard work. Play Development Officer Janet Roundell and This Girl Can star Jo Baldwin presented the award. Janet said

Nicola is a massive part of our project and I most certainly wouldn’t be able to run this project without all her time, effort and enthusiasm. She has delivered Level 1 and 2 coaching courses and numerous preliminary and intermediate umpire awards and is currently lead coach at our Satellite club that has secured funding through Lancashire sport to encourage participation in the sport targeting the 14-25 year group”.

Nicola is also an active Rounders England Tutor and is truly is an invaluable member of the club and to the National Governing Body! Janet went on to say

Nicola has trained and invested lots of time in becoming a Rounders England tutor and not only delivers courses in Burnley but has also delivered in Manchester, Wrexham and Leeds. Nicola is now on the list of international umpires after being assessed at our Burnley Rounders festival in May 2017”.

Nicola was shocked and honoured to receive the award and had this to say

I love rounders and try and promote it at every opportunity I can, but the best part for me is seeing other people, especially the women in our league getting out there and achieving things they never imagined before playing.  It’s so worth all the handwork when you see new friendships blossom and people’s confidence grow and I feel very privileged to be a part of the rounders community in Burnley working closely with Janet because I wouldn’t be able to do it without her”.

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Thank you Nicola for creating such a fantastic opportunity and representing Rounders in a positive way that allows everyone to get involved! You are a real credit to the Burnley League and to Rounders England!

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