Get Involved

Get Involved

Rounders is a sport that is easy to engage with and there are plenty of ways to get involved whatever your interest.

Umpiring and coaching are important aspects to the sport of Rounders and the importance of good umpires and coaches cannot be over emphasised. Working with players at all levels of skill and experience, from juniors right up to senior international level, you can make a real difference to the game and to the players. You don’t need to be a skilled player to be a great umpire or coach. An enthusiasm for teaching and a passion for the game are much more important!

Rounders England offers two coach awards, which mirror the umpire awards.

To become an accredited coach or umpire you will need to apply yourself to learning the generic skills – good communication, listening, evaluating, etc and more importantly you need a sound understanding of the skills of coaching or umpiring and the rules of the game.

We are always keen to recruit more coaches and umpires of all levels. Register on a local course or email Sport Structures to be put on a waiting list.

Rounders England announce educational partnership with Sport Structures.

As of Wednesday 1st April 2015 all Rounders courses will be managed and administered by Sport Structures on behalf of Rounders England. This applies to courses for umpires, coaches, activators and teachers, specifically;

This arrangement will enable us to focus more closely on coaching development and education. Alison Howard, Chief Executive Officer said:

We are pleased to be working in partnership with Sport Structures, and look forward to developing our courses further with their expertise. Good coaches and officials are the life blood of our sport and we are committed to growing their numbers and giving them quality support from their first experience.”

Kath Robinson, Education Manager at Sport Structures said:

We are extremely excited to work with Rounders England to support their education offer to officials, leaders, coaches and teachers. Our focus will be on providing an accessible and quality service to meet learner and course requirements.”

Both organisations work collectively to ensure a smooth transition for coach education courses.

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