Rounders England Ambassador


Rounders England are on a quest seeking out ambassadors; individuals who are passionate about Rounders who would like to work alongside us, the National Governing Body, to promote the great game.

There is a promotional element to the role and as such we’re looking for people who are well connected in their circle of Rounders friends. Maybe that one individual who always organises the social events? Or the one who everyone turns to for advice?

We expect ambassadors to:

  1. Promote Rounders England within their personal and professional networks

  2. Promote and deliver sales from the Rounders England store

  3. Promote Rounders England’s Commercial Partnerships

  4. Support Rounders England’s marketing campaigns and pro-actively engage electronically and face to face with people

  5. Be active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  6. Be a Rounders England Member

In return for:

  1. 12½% commission on all sales (net of vat)

  2. An additional 5% customer discount to help you promote sales

  3. A Rounders England branded gift

  4. A Rounders England baseball cap

  5. An official Ambassador Pack

Rounders England Ambassador Programme

If you are interested in joining the Rounders England’s ambassador programme, complete the following short form. All fields are mandatory.

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