As you learn about Rounders, you will play an important role in the development of how the game is taught in your school. Your knowledge will enable you to deliver high-quality lessons across the curriculum. You will learn how to teach a diverse range of aspects of the game, developing key physical literacy skills. It will be your responsibility to instill confidence in every child and give them an enthusiasm for exercise and team sport, regardless of their natural ability.

Courses for Teachers

Preliminary Coaching for Teachers is designed to introduce teachers and leaders to the basic principles of the striking and fielding activities of Rounders and is particularly aimed at Key Stages 1 (Ages 5-7) and 2 (Ages 7-11).

Intermediate Coaching for Teachers is designed to help teachers and leaders develop the tactics involved in Rounders. It is particularly aimed at Key Stages 3 (Ages 11-14) and 4 (Ages 14-16).

RYLA Orientation for P.E. Teachers is aimed at P.E. Teachers who wish to deliver an RYLA course within their own school (and other local schools should they wish to).

Teaching Resources

Simplified Rules


Health & Safety Checklist

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