Harrogate hopefuls turn up for Rounders

Harrogate Rounders Session 8 | Rounders England

On Saturday 10th June, this year, we introduced Harrogate to Rounders. It’s our favourite game and we want as many people to play it, understand it, know about it and love it as much as we do.

So we set off, Northward bound, with the objective of setting up a successful Rounders league, made up of teams of happy people playing Rounders regularly.

That was a little under four weeks ago. Over this time; Rose, Rounders England Engagement Officer, pounded the Harrogate pavements speaking to local schools and businesses making them aware of the sessions; Julie Halford and Lucy Stead, rounders session leaders, set up a Facebook page; here at the national office we placed advertisements in the local Harrogate Advertiser and on their digital website… and our efforts are being rewarded!

The sessions, now being held on Monday evenings from 6-8pm at St John Fisher High School, are attracting around 5 new players each week. The numbers are growing and so is the fun. Last Monday (3rd July) there were 18 people playing Rounders; a mix of mums with their children, teen boys and girls, and groups of adults. People came along with friends, family members and some individuals even braved turning up by themselves. What was great to see was that everyone had a good time. 

If you don’t believe us when we tell you Rounders is fun and that you should come along to these sessions, then read what the actual people who attend are saying. Come along! Try it out and see what you are missing…

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