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Rounders England, the national governing body for Rounders, is now accepting applications for their four England Squads.

England, represent your countryFor females, who have shown an outstanding ability in Rounders, the England Squad Trials present the only chance for players aged 13 upwards, to demonstrate their sporting prowess. Every year, Rounders England welcomes hundreds of Rounders enthusiasts to try out; with the end goal of representing their country, playing a sport they love.

2017 was another commendable season for Rounders England, as the four national Rounders Squads played across the country, displaying their incredible sporting skills and Rounders tactics.

Trialists must be a member of Rounders England. Further information can be found on this webpage.

The England Trials take place over three weekends, starting 23rd September and ending on the 15th October. Trialists only attend on one day.

If you are interested in the trials but don’t know what to expect, then watch this footage to get you prepared

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