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Team Affiliation to Rounders England

As part of Rounders England 2017-2021 strategy, we have revised our membership offer with our members at the heart of everything we do. We wish to create a greater connection between Rounders England and its members, as well as between members.

By being affiliated to Rounders England, your team will be able to enter competitions, train and qualify coaches and umpires and be part of the ‘bigger picture’ of Rounders England.  Autumn 2017 marks the launch of our Competition Strategy that will be sent to all affiliated teams – watch this space!

Your team also receives these great benefits:

Your team affiliation to Rounders England marks the beginning of a new partnership where feedback and ideas will shape our membership offer. This includes developing specific toolkits to support teams and leagues, and introducing new competitions at national and local levels.

A team will receive affiliation to Rounders England, providing a minimum of 10 people from that team sign up as an individual paid member to Rounders England’s Members’ Club. 

Visit the individual membership page to choose the right membership for you.


2016/17 Team Membership: Did you have a Team membership in 2016/17 which expired on 31.03.17?

  1. For a short while your Team will continue to be listed on the Rounders platform, so it’ll be a quick and straightforward process for your team members
  2. Team members can visit to explore the benefits, and determine which category of membership is most suitable for them
  3. Individuals to sign up to Rounders England via the website – minimum of Bronze – and affiliate themselves to your Team
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