About Rounders England

The National Rounders Association was formed by a small group of teachers in 1943, with the primary aim of standardising the rules. By finding out about every area’s differing rules, it made it easier to draw up a standardised version of rounders.

The Association continued in an entirely volunteer capacity to develop standardised rules, competitions, adult clubs, and to support school Rounders development. In the mid 1970’s an England adult team was selected, and matches were played against Wales. Read more about the Rounders England journey.

Our 2013-17 Mission:

‘Ignite the Passion’

Our 2013-17 Vision:

‘Increased and sustained nationwide participation in Rounders’

Our Values:

Our Strategy

View our concise strategy document for 2014-2017: A Four Year Strategy Document for Rounders in England.

We aim to reach all the objectives we have set out in this document and surpass them by 2017. Rounders is about fun and enjoyment and the more people we can get playing, the better.

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