Our Sports Impact

The power of engaging in sport and physical activity is clear and there are many forms of engagement, from training for a triathlon, attending fitness classes or playing Rounders. We are now more aware that engagement can equally mean volunteering at a local sports club, or attending a live sporting event. There are positive outcomes for both the individual and society from all of these different forms of engagement.

The universal power of sport and physical activity to improve lives can be addressed in five outcomes; which create the framework for the new Sport Strategy.

Physical Wellbeing – encouraging people to take part in sport and activity in ways that deliver the most for their physical wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing – positive mental wellbeing outcomes are every bit as important as the physical benefits from taking part in sport

Individual development – taking part in sport improves educational behaviour and attainment, through greater self-esteem and confidence and direct cognitive benefits

Social and Community Development – building stronger communities by bringing people together, often from different backgrounds, to make them feel better about where they live, improve community links and cohesion and build social capital

Economic Development – sport creates jobs, promotes growth and drives exports contributing to the nation’s national and local economy

Over the years Rounders England has worked to understand and respond to customers’ demands and the number of people who are benefiting from engaging in Rounders has grown. Rounders England can demonstrate these benefits, through a range of case studies about people who are playing, engaging with and loving the game.

HM Government
Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation
December 2015

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