Player Pathway

Rounders England has a developing player pathway which can be entered at any stage, but commonly people (14+) begin by accessing a start up rounders opportunity, for example a festival or a short rounders activity programme. From this they can progress to playing in a team, often in a league structure. Opportunities exist to progress to the performance level regionally and nationally, the pinnacle being selection for the England squads.

 Player Pathway

Rounders England develops opportunities that align to the player pathway, with a focus on those placed within ‘programme’ and ‘team’ that lead to once a week participation. This aligns with our aim to increase adult participation in Rounders.

Our ‘Blueprint for Development’ shows how our various programmes link in to levels 1 to 4 of the player pathway, and contribute to the ‘rounders backbone’, which is regular play in programmes and teams.

 Blueprint for development

Young People

From 2013, we will be focusing on players from age 14, and we will work on programmes that support young players onto the player pathway, such as school club links and satellite clubs.

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