Equipment, Kit and Players Safety Guidelines

Rounders England approved equipment must be used – see the Official Rounders Rules for specifications. This can be purchased from Aresson – Rounders England approved supplier.

Risk Assessments

All umpires and coaches have a duty to carry out a risk assessment before allowing play. A standard umpires risk assessments document can be downloaded here.


In a simple format, Rounders can be played with tops as bases and a racket and a ball – pretty much how you might have played it in childhood!

When playing competitively, all equipment should be manufactured for the purpose. This is a list of essential equipment you will need to start.


All bats should have a grip made for the purpose.

  1. Wooden – The surface of the bat should be kept smooth and free from splinters and dirt. When spliced, the joint and any binding should be tight, firm and secure.
  2. Aluminium – Caps and grips should be well fitted and not allowed to become loose.
  3. Plastic – The surface of the bat should be smooth.

Posts and Bases

Posts must be fitted with a safety cap. They must be supported by a rubber-like base and not fixed to the ground. Wooden posts should be sheathed in plastic.


White or coloured balls are allowed and should be considered when assessing the playing conditions. All stitching should be flush to the outer covering with no raised seams. Stitching should be uniform, tight and unfrayed. The outer covering should be free from tears and projections. The ball should be kept clean and free from dirt. Wet balls that weigh heavier than the rule specifications should not be used.

Other equipment hints

During play bats and balls should be kept dry to ensure that a firm grip can be maintained. After play, wet equipment should be dried out slowly and stored in a dry place. A light oiling with linseed oil will minimise the cracking of wooden equipment; care should be taken to avoid oiling the handle of the bat.


All kit must be suitable for the purpose. Most sports kit is acceptable. Teams normally wear the same kit.

Spiked footwear, for example running spikes, is prohibited. It is recommended that football boots (with studs meeting the rule requirements) or astro shoes are worn in wet weather.

Player’s numbers must be visible to the umpires.

Protective items for example mouth guards, close fitting shin pads and unpadded, fingerless gloves are allowed.


Rounders England does not recommend participation whilst pregnant due to the significant risk to health. Individuals who do choose to participate whilst pregnant should seek medical consent before participating and must accept responsibility for any adverse consequences of their decision.

Rounders England has a Gender Policy.

Players must not wear jewellery unless it is safely taped.

In mixed gender games, a maximum of 5 male players on the pitch is allowed.

Rounders England recommends that players under the age of 13 are not permitted to play in adult teams or take part in competitive games against an adult team.

When at a post, players should refrain from resting a foot or standing on the base as this prevents the free movement of the base and post.

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