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Buy Equipment from Aresson: Exclusively approved by Rounders England


Aresson’s strong reputation for quality, innovation and excellent customer service has resulted in Aresson being the sole brand of rounders equipment to be approved by Rounders England. Aresson work with players at all levels of the game to improve and develop equipment for the game of rounders.

Aresson Bats

From fun, family, garden games to serious league matches, Aresson can supply all your rounders equipment whether you are a school, business, club or individual.

Clubs and League RoundersAresson Girl Running
Whether you’re an Under 11 player in a schools competition, an England Player playing in Internationals or you play once a week for your local club, Aresson has all the equipment you need.


Aresson PlaygroundSchools Rounders
Aresson has a strong reputation for offering quality, durable equipment to schools.
For 2017 they have developed a range of NEW rounders sets for 3-18 year olds which ensure that children are as active as possible. The equipment is versatile, user-friendly and inclusive for all levels of ability.



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