Stamps of Approval


The New Rounders England Approved Stamps 2017 – 2019

The stamps are awarded to equipment, clothing and accessories that define, quality, innovation and player engagement across all different playing abilities across the game of Rounders.

competition-approvedCompetition Approved

This category defines products that are designed for the very best players. Those who demand a high level of quality from their goods to ensure the very best in technical innovation and performance.

schools-approvedSchools Approved

These goods will be designed and engineered for play across all levels of School Rounders, from Primary to Secondary and across all age groups. This stamp is the one teachers should look out for, to ensure their pupils are using equipment endorsed by Rounders England.

leisure-approvedLeisure Approved

This category will be filled with products designed specifically with fun and engagement in mind, for the more informal games being played in gardens, on the beach or at the park.



These products will be approved for all levels of play.



Rounders England can announce that their current approved equipment supplier, Aresson and their new kit supplier, iPROSPORTS are on board with the process.

We are looking to work with businesses who offer innovative equipment, clothing, and accessories that compliment our current range. Interested parties can email Peter Buckley, Business Development Head, at

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