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If you want help to find a coach or umpire to help support your games, complete this Coach & Umpire Form and we will get back to you soon.


Rounders is catching on across the country in teams & leagues. There are over 40 leagues and over 200 teams in England and they are just the ones we know about. If you would like to start playing Rounders, search Rounders in Your Area to locate the nearest opportunity to you.

If you run a team or league, email us and we will post the details on the website. It will publicise your hard work and is a useful resource for players, new or coming back to the game, who are looking to pick up a bat and start playing Rounders.

Rounders England always work on the guidance and recommendations provided by Sports Coach UK and their research around Long Term Participant Development. Their most recent advice recommends that juniors from the age of 13 years can play alongside adults.


A team will receive FREE Affiliation to Rounders England, providing a minimum of 10 people from that team sign up as an individual member to Rounders England’s Members’ Club.  Individuals can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold.


We would also recommend undertaking an Activator Award which aims to develop a workforce to initiate ‘start up’ Rounders activity and you can take encouragement from our player pathway to see how you could progress.

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