10 Reasons to play Rounders in School

10 Reasons to play Rounders in School – for teachers and young people

Developing key transferable skills for young people in Schools is essential. Did you know that one way young people can develop these skills is through the game of Rounders.

Using feedback from teachers and young people, Rounders England have compiled 10 Reasons to play Rounders in School.


Boy batting

1. Rounders does not hold as many pre-conceptions as some sports often seen in the media – therefore it provides a very relaxed and open environment for young people to be who they want to be

2. Rounders is easy to set up, fully inclusive and safe to play

3. Rounders stands out amongst other sports for a number of reasons, including its spirit of sportsmanship and the requirement for young people to think about strategy and tacticsGirl Throwing

4. Rounders has an impact on learning, with its tailored Rounders Young Leaders Award. This links individual learning and teaching disciplines

5. Rounders provides young people with key transferable skills, such as strength of character, resilience and an understanding of how they can play their part in society

6. Rounders provides young people with very clear targets for practice and self-improvement

7. Rounders is an engaging sport for both boys and girls

BoyRunning, 10 Reasons to play Rounders in School, Rounders In School, Roundersinschool8. Rounders encourages peer support and recognition, and can be played at varying levels from social activity to high level competition

9. Rounders encourages team work, communication and decision making amongst young people

10. Rounders shows that with dedicated practice comes clear reward

Girl Catching


Rounders England has many ways in which we can support schools in playing Rounders, through resources, courses and competitions. We also offer education membership – click here to find out the opportunities this brings for young people.

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