Rounders England: Corby: Year 9 National School Championships  Final Soar Valley Vs Safrron Walden County High School  Thursday 17th July 2014

As part of our own expansion and development plans we have spent considerable time reviewing our current school competition offer and aligning outcomes of that review to the Young People Strategy. It is important that we can continue to offer schools a competition framework that will support our strategic vision for the future.

Following the review, we can inform you that the changes to the National School Championships which were introduced in 2015, will apply in future years.

National School Championships 2018

Syston Rugby Club – map directions

Year 6 Mixed: Tuesday 26th June / Closing date – Friday 22nd June

Year 8 Girls: Wednesday 27th June / Closing date – Friday 22nd June

From 2016 there will be two new competitions. While these competitions do not align with the Young People Strategy, they have been retained due to Rounders England reacting to requests from schools. These events will be organised as Open Competitions and will sit separately from the National School Championships.

Open School Competitions 2018

University of Leicester – map directions

Year 9 Mixed: Thursday 5th July / Closing date – Friday 29th June

Year 10/11 Girls: Friday 6th July / Closing date – Friday 29th June

Alison Howard, CEO said;

Much of the insight that was gathered in 2014 highlighted the need to secure Rounders within the education framework and to embed the sport for young people in the community. To achieve the latter, our organisational efforts will be focused on influencing children at a younger age in KS2 and KS3 while also retaining young adults in KS4 and enhancing their competitive rounders.”

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