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Rounders Satellite Club

What is a ROUNDERS Satellite Club?

They are extensions or outposts of community sports clubs, which are established in new venues, perhaps a secondary school or college, and are targeted at 14-25 year olds.

Why are ROUNDERS Satellite Clubs so important?

As a sport we want to encourage more young people to stay in the sport or to start playing the game for the first time. So, by providing an offer which is relevant and appealing, the new opportunity will create an ideal stepping stone from school to community success!

A ROUNDERS Satellite Club offers:

Why should your school choose ROUNDERS for a Satellite Club?

Whether your school already plays rounders or is introducing the game for the first time, rounders has something for you. With your ROUNDERS Kit Bag the game can be adapted as necessary to suit the Rounders knowledge of the teacher, the young person or the surface which you will be playing on.

What support is available?

Sport England have invested heavily in this project and there is funding available through County Sports Partnership (CSP) and Rounders England to help support schools to kick start a ROUNDERS Satellite club. If you are interested in hosting a ROUNDERS Satellite Club at your school, please contact your local School Club Link Maker at your CSP or your Rounders England, Programme Manager.

SatelliteClubKitOval2What will be in my ROUNDERS Satellite Kit Bag?

Other key points to delivering a successful ROUNDERS Satellite Club:

Rounders England, Programme Managers:
The Programme Managers are based in locations across England. They are responsible for initiating and managing partnerships to support Rounders development in their region. Their key work areas include increasing participation, school development for students and teachers, club and league development, corporate development and encouraging diversity by working with minority groups.

Programme Managers (Funded Relationships)

Amey Tostevin E:

Judith Handley E:

Donna Vinten E:


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