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Wilkinson Sports and Leisure, UK distributors of Aresson, are a family business which was established 16 years ago. Extended family gatherings often involved a game of Rounders and it was both the desire to provide quality, affordable Rounders equipment as well as the love of a sport that offers fantastic, inclusive opportunities for community involvement that spawned the development of the Aresson brand in the UK.

We have always worked closely with Rounders England but it was only in 2015 that Rounders England started to look for an exclusive supplier. In April 2016 Aresson products became exclusively approved by Rounders England due to the excellent quality and technical performance of our rounders equipment as well as our strong reputation for innovation. The Rounders England stamps of Approval have set a benchmark for quality within the market!

Gale Force TeamOver the years we’ve listened to players and developed a full range of Rounders products. Many of our products are a first for the Rounders market; coloured balls and bats such as the Vision bat as well as the hybrid metal and wooden Dictator and Autocrat + bats are the first products of their kind and are widely used by top players amongst the England squad. Sports equipment such as Lacrosse, netball and hockey equipment have developed rapidly over the years. Now it’s time for the same in Rounders – gone are the days of playing with a grubby, worn, ancient wooden bat. We are the first to offer rounders players great looking products with excellent technical performance.

Team Aresson was started in 2014 to build stronger relationships with Rounders players and to encourage more people into the game. Rounders is a really inclusive, fun, social game and we wanted to promote this through Team Aresson. Having strong relationships with teams also allows us to find out exactly what players want in their equipment so that we can offer the best equipment possible. In the past we’ve offered a monetary sum to spend on Aresson equipment over the Rounders season and previous Team Aressons have included Ossett Rounders from Wakefield, Team Witchy Birds from Burnley, Team Gale Force from Staffordshire, Team Bat Girls from Batley and Kingsland Ladies from Herefordshire. This year Aresson’s sponsorship offer includes brand NEW products including the new Vision X bat and the greatly anticipated new aluminium Aresson Pro bat.

This year our sponsorship package offers much more and appeals to a wider range of teams. We’ve teamed up with Rounders England and iProSports to offer sponsorship packages which include Rounders equipment, team branded clothing and coaching – an amazing package for any rounders team! We are extremely excited about this year’s sponsorship programme as we hope that ultimately it will attract more players to the game and further raise the profile of rounders as a social, fun, inclusive team sport. We’ve also created three different sponsorship opportunities; a newly formed rounders team; Team All New Rounders 2018, an established team; Team Rounders Forever 2018 and, for the first time ever, a school rounders team; Team School Rounders 2018. To apply, Teams must be Rounders England members and need to complete the application form before the end of today on any of our websites. Sponsored teams will be announced on Friday 23rd March. Good luck!

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