Rounders is taking over North Yorkshire!

Active Coast and Country | Rounders England

Active Coast and Country is a Sport England, National Lottery funded multi-sport delivery programme that aims to increase sports participation and opportunities.

Based in North Yorkshire, Active Coast and Country offers a number of different activities including football, netball and fitball.

Every Tuesday evening in Scarborough and every Wednesday evening in Whitby, you’ll find Social Rounders sessions taking place which are open to all abilities.

North Yorkshire locals, Laura and Hannah, are just two of the many regular participants at the sessions and they just can’t get enough!

Laura said:

Before joining the Active Coast and Country Rounders sessions, I didn’t do any other sports, only the occasional dog walk. I was looking for something to help keep me active and chose Rounders as I was familiar with the game and didn’t want to try something completely new. The time of the Rounders sessions is perfect for me and it’s a good break from work, getting out and having fun! I even bought some trainers after the first session so I definitely had to make use of them! The group and the leaders are supportive, yet it is a quite informal set up so you can make it as competitive as you like. There’s no pressure to be good and I think that’s what has put me off sport before. I definitely recommend the group; the break for an hour, in the sun (sometimes) doing something completely different to everything else I do really clears my head. And I leave HAPPY!”

Active Coast and Country

Hannah said:

Before joining the Active Coast and Country Rounders sessions, I did my fitness DVD 3 times a week, regular walking and occasional cycling. I enjoyed Rounders at school so I wanted to try it out again. I needed a break every week from work and other commitments and thought it was best to get out and socialise at the same time as exercising! The group is a great bunch of people which makes it even more fun, and the coaches are good fun too! I would definitely recommend the Rounders session to anyone as it’s great to be out in the fresh air for an hour and I feel so much better after it!”

If you would like to know more information on the sessions, visit Active Coast and Country’s website or check out their Facebook page.

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