Club Welfare Officer

The Club Welfare Officer is a key role within Rounders.  By designating people to this role, Rounders England can ensure that it has someone identified as the first point of contact for safeguarding concerns within a team or league. It is essential to ensure that the team/league has someone trained and supported to handle any welfare issue that may arise and all teams with young people are advised to appoint at least one Club Welfare Officer.

If you have been appointed as your team’s Club Welfare Officer then it is important to know what is expected within this role. The person should be approachable and be comfortable talking to people of all ages. The Club Welfare Officer plays a key role in ensuring all members within the team or league feel safe and respected as valued members. It would be their responsibility to act on any issues that arise involving child protection and would be available as the first contact point should anyone, child, player, parent, coach or young person have any concerns about the welfare of a child or adult at risk, or any poor practice or abuse that is having a detrimental effect to the club, team, any child or adult at risk. This role is hugely important as it allows all participants to feel safe and enjoy playing in a happy and fun environment.

We have created a Club Welfare Officer Guidance Pack for everyone who has been appointed to this role. The aim of this pack is to provide you with advice and support within your role and you will also find it full of handy tips. At the end of the pack there is a checklist that all new and current CWO’s should use to update and keep track of their training stages. After completing this you should have everything you need in order to start carrying out the role effectively.

Rounders England can offer you free training to support you in this role to ensure you feel equipped to deal with any safeguarding issues if they arise. If you require training please contact us or check the courses section to see what is available in your area.

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