The Rise of Rounders at Spring View Cricket Club

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A whopping 50 new Rounders players have been welcomed to the Spring View Cricket Club! The Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles Back to Sport team and Spring View Cricket Club have been working together to increase engagement and now the newly formed Spring View Rounders team are training indoors, with the first Wigan Indoor Rounders Tournament planned for February 2018! Read on to find out how the team has become self-reliant…

The initial 10 week plan was delivered by a qualified coach and sessions were free of charge as part of the rounders in cricket club incentive. An average of 10-15 friendly keen women attended each week and they decided to join in the Wigan and Leigh Rounders league.

Anna Leyland from Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles told Rounders England:

Each week the training sessions were full of laughter and the improvement from all the ladies was huge

The sessions were advertised within the cricket club, social media pages, websites and flyers. Players included family, friends and partners of the cricket team as well as members of the community. There was a real community and family vibe …we had 3 mother and daughters, as well as a mother, daughter and auntie taking part” says Anna.

After the initial free 10 weeks, players began to pay £2 a session, with the money being split between paying for the coach and buying new equipment, membership fees, end of season celebration and money to the club. To maintain the sustainability of the sessions the team decided to send 1 team member on the Rounders England Activator course and another member on the Preliminary Umpire course. The team are now self-reliant and can umpire rounders matches within the Wigan and Leigh Rounders league. Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles are confident the team will be successful in running their own session and attracting new players!

Anna Leyland told Rounders England there had been overwhelming feedback from players, not only at Spring View but across all the clubs to run an indoor rounders session over the winter months;

Throughout November 2017 we will be running an indoor rounders session at Deanery High School which is within close distance to Spring View Cricket Club

To get involved visit the ‘Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles’ website or contact Anna Leyland on 01942 828420 /

From everybody at Rounders England, welcome to the club Spring View Rounders Team!

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