What’s Team Aresson all about?

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Our approved equipment supplier, Aresson, launched the Team Aresson programme which aims to support teams with equipment and promote the activities of the 3 sponsored Rounders teams. The programme also hopes to inspire other teams and provide players with opportunities to get back into or continue to play Rounders.

So, what’s Team Aresson all about and how do you get involved? Sophie Wilkinson, Marketing Manager at Aresson, has given us the low down:

Why did you start Team Aresson?

Team Aresson was started in 2014 to build stronger relationships with rounders players and to encourage more people into the game. The teams we sponsor have to be great ambassadors for the sport in terms of their enthusiasm, commitment and attitude towards the game. Rounders is a really inclusive, fun, social game and we wanted to promote that through Team Aresson. Having strong relationships with teams also allows us to find out exactly what players want in their equipment so that we can offer the best equipment possible.

What are the benefits to the teams who become Team Aresson?

The most obvious benefit is their free equipment! Teams receive £150 worth of Aresson equipment at the start of the season and £150 worth of equipment at the end of the season. They also have the opportunity to raise the profile of their team, become ambassadors for the sport and have their say in some product development.

What do you have to do to become a Team Aresson?

Teams can start to apply from around January each year. One team member completes an online application, found on our website, giving information about the team and stating their reasons why they should be a Team Aresson. We absolutely love reading applications as they remind us why we love rounders. The essence of the game is caught in the team’s reasons for becoming Team Aresson. Lots of teams talk about being mums and rediscovering the game, being role models for their children who sometimes join in, being dedicated to the game and getting coaching qualifications and even being grandmas but still able to hit a mean ball!

How do you select your teams?

We select 3 teams each year who are Team Aresson for that season. It’s a really tough job selecting only 3 teams from all applications and we dedicate a lot of time to it. Our Team Aresson have to be great role models and ambassadors for the sport. We sponsor teams from those who have been playing for a long time and shown real dedication to the sport to teams who have just started and have no equipment but are really keen. If you’re thinking of applying next year, make sure your passion for the game shines through!

The 2017 Team Aresson are; Team Witchybirds from the Burnley League, Team Batgirls from the Ready Steady Active League and Team Galeforce from the Shrewsbury Recreational League. You can find more about the teams by visiting the Aresson website.

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