Our Governance

We want to give our customers a commitment regarding Rounders England’s services that will improve the satisfaction of our customers and encourage people to join our sport and stay with us.

It sets out what levels of service you can expect and what to do if you feel these levels have not been met.

Assurance Statement 2023
  • Policies & Guidelines

    This section includes Rounders England’s policies including a link to all of the safeguarding resources. All member teams, leagues and individuals are bound by the policies. Working together we can protect and promote the welfare of all young people in Rounders so that they can enjoy the sport free from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

    As well as policies there are guidelines. It is recognised that staying up to date with good practice in a complex and developing field can be challenging. These documents aim to set out some guidance to help teams and leagues put in place practical and sensible procedures.

    Click on a link below to download the document you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us.

    Link to: Safeguarding Resources

    Trans & Non-binary Policy 2024        (Trans & Non Binary FAQ’s)

    Equality Policy 2018

    Code of Ethics 2023

    Whistleblowing Policy 2019

    Diversity Action Plan 2018-2021

    Complaints Process 2019

    Complaints Appeals Process 2019

    First Aid Procedure for Rounders England Events

    Adverse Weather Procedure for Rounders England Events

  • Codes of Practice

    These Codes of Practice clearly detail expected standards of behaviour for players, young people, coaches, parents, umpires, spectators and coach educators. If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us.

    Codes of Practice




    Workforce Educators (Tutors & Assessors)

    Young People




  • Customer Charter


    We want to be in touch and accessible. You can contact Rounders England by telephone, email, via the website or in person at one of our events.

    We will:

    • Listen to you about suggestions and pass these on to key personnel
    • Let you know the name of the person you are dealing with
    • Be open and honest
    • Value and respect the diversity of our customers and try to meet the needs of customers with specific requirements
    • Ensure our staff are trained to do their jobs effectively
    • Not tolerate abuse or violence towards staff or volunteers

    We aim to:

    • Get things right first time
    • Answer the telephone promptly within office hours (usually 9am – 5pm, Mon – Thurs and 9am – 4pm, Friday’s) and provide a voice mail service as a backup
    • Acknowledge all enquiries within 3 working days
    • Reply to emails or letters within 7 working days
    • Improve efficiency and service while reducing costs


    We have committed to improving the promotion of Rounders to the whole community as part of our Equality Standard work. Our aim is for everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in Rounders regardless of background, and to have eliminated discrimination by reason of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, age, ability or disability within our resources.


    Occasionally we get it wrong and you may feel the need to complain formally. If this happens you must write to us with specific details of your complaint.

    We will:

    • Respond within 7 working days, letting you know the next steps
    • Openly seek your feedback on our services
    • Be fair
    • Be effective
    • Be accountable and record all complaints
    • Report back to members where necessary

    We encourage you to communicate your thoughts, feelings and any feedback with us on a regular basis. We strive to be a forward thinking National Governing Body and we can only progress if we are getting it right – and the only way we know that is by keeping informed.

    Complaints Process 2019

People Plan 2024-27

The People Plan offers direction on recruiting and engaging individuals within our community, as well as nurturing our workforce's growth through comprehensive training.

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