Our Mission

‘Connecting People through Rounders’

In order to fulfil our mission, we have the following strategic objectives and ambitions for 2017 – 2021.

These objectives are supported by funding from Sport England;

  • A review of our Competition Strategy – leading to a range of new competitions that align with customer needs
  • Members’ Club – leading to a greater connection between Rounders England and its members, as well as between members
  • Better services to teams and leagues – helping people to stay connected with Rounders at different stages in their life
  • Helping inactive people become more active through Rounders – we will pilot a new programme in Year 1

These AMBITIONS are supported by funding from Rounders England;

  • Local delivery of Rounders through partnerships, with existing and new locations and audiences
  • Customer facing brand development and social media to make people more aware of us and our game
  • Programmes for Young People. The return of Rounders to the list of assessed sports for GCSE/A level
  • New products and commercial agreements