Activity Alliance releases Ten Principles film

Activity Alliance, supported by Sport England, has today released the Ten Principles film to guide providers to deliver more appealing and inclusive opportunities. If embedded within planning and delivery, the principles can be the vital ingredient for delivering activities that will support disabled people to be and stay active for life.

The first in a series of films on the ten principles, it introduces viewers to the approaches which together can drive awareness, engage, support and reassure participants. Activity Alliance chose to work again with Fuzzy Duck, a creative agency, to devise and script a new style film.

Kris Saunders-Stowe, a fitness instructor and a wheelchair user, presents the film in a variety of sporting settings. Other people with impairments and long-term health conditions support him to explain the principles in more detail. From a sunny afternoon at a Salford Wheels for All cycling session to a cold morning running on Southport Promenade, the film captures the principles in the real life environment.

10 Principles - Presenter Kris at Wheels for All cycling session
10 Principles – Presenter Kris at Wheels for All cycling session
10 Principles – Presenter Kris at seated yoga for older people








In October 2014, Activity Alliance (under its former name the English Federation of Disability Sport) released the Talk to Me report. This report outlines ten principles developed with disabled people that sports providers should follow to help make their activities more appealing.

The report and its principles have been key pieces for Activity Alliance. Not only are they now widely used across the sector and at the heart of new programmes like Get Out Get Active, the principles were positively referenced in the Government’s 2015 strategy, Sporting Future.

Presenter Kris said about the film:

I was delighted to be asked to take the lead in this film as the subject is something very close to my heart. In my experience, simple changes in the way we perceive people and their needs can easily remove barriers, providing equality and access to all.

Barry Horne, Chief Executive for Activity Alliance:

Whilst many providers already offer opportunities for disabled people to take part, the high number of disabled people who are inactive remains a major cause for concern. Disabled people told us that, too often, they are unaware of opportunities available to them or said that what is offered is not appealing or accessible enough.

This film gives us an understanding of how we can all make opportunities attractive and inclusive. What’s clear from our experience of applying the principles is that they can be adapted to all audiences but include some considerations which are particularly important to successfully engaging disabled people.”

Sport England’s Executive Director Mike Diaper said:

We’re proud to support the creation of this film highlighting how the barriers that can deter disabled people from playing sport or being active can be removed. Everyone who works in the sports and activity sector needs to watch it and then put the simple and practical principles into action.”


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I hope viewers will take the information in the film and apply it to their own work. It doesn’t need to be a daunting or complicated exercise to move forward and embrace our multi-ability society.

Kris Saunders-Stowe, Presenter
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