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Taking the leap to Umpire a Rounders match can be intimidating…but without Umpires, organised matches wouldn’t go ahead and leagues would falter or stall in growth. Rounders England are calling it out to be supportive of your Umpires!

This season over 200 newly qualified Umpires have put their qualification into practice and helped develop and support leagues, teams, schools and community sessions. From the 3 hour, preliminary umpiring course to the more advanced intermediate umpire course, Rounders England provides learner with the skills and knowledge required to control the game of rounders ensuring high quality understanding and implementation of the rules.

Umpires bring control to chaos, understand fairness, promote safety and encourage good sportsmanship. They are the keepers of the rules and are just as passionate and serious about their role as the players. They must be aware that their approach to umpiring can influence the participants’ experience and enjoyment of the sport. And on the other side of the coin, participants can influence the Umpires experience and enjoyment of the sport. Nothing should come at the expense of treating Umpires poorly!

Players want to play where they know the league/team has quality Umpires covering matches; without them, leagues/teams would falter or stall in growth. Having a core group of happy, trained and knowledgeable Umpires will help everyone. This is where we must make a stand and work to change the trend of abuse towards Umpires.

If you are responsible for delivering Rounders, it is important your members/players are encouraged to respect the umpires and their decisions during your matches. We at Rounders England encourage all involved (players, coaches, umpires, spectators) to adhere to our Codes of Practice (available in our Official Rule book or on our website here).

The Benefits of Umpiring:

Umpiring provides you with so much more than just the ability to officiate the rules of the game. It can make you feel:

Connected – Umpiring is a great way to support your league and be an integral part of the vibrant Rounders community.

Respected – Umpires provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment. Umpiring develops skills that can be used for life: communication, resilience and leadership just to name a few!

Energized – Umpiring lets you experience the thrill of the game, contributes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers a pathway to participate in the sport at the highest level.

All Rounders England Members can seek advice, support with appeals and complaints from the National Governing Body. To start your Umpire journey visit our courses webpage TODAY!    

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