Can you fill the empty chair?

It’s widely known that Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, frequently leaves one seat empty at the company’s most important meetings. It is there to remind his fellow executives and managers about the most important person in the room – the customer.

At Rounders England we’d like to take this one step further and fill the empty chair with a real person who is involved with Rounders. This is an opportunity for Board members to learn more about what is important to the Rounders community that we serve, and to give our paid members the opportunity to experience what happens at the highest level of decision making within the organisation. You will be able to meet our Chair, Chief Executive Officer and Board members, and listen and contribute to the real business at Board meetings. Rounders England will pay travel expenses and provide a Board goody bag.

To register your interest, please email [email protected].

We will randomly select one person per Board meeting during 2019. Dates are all Saturdays – 12 January, 16 March, 15 June and 21 September. Please note that you may be asked to leave the meeting temporarily if items of a confidential nature are raised.

Article by Rounders England:

Rounders England is a non-profit sport’s national governing body (NGB) in England.
Rounders England provides a structure for the sport from the Board, local deliverers and teams right the way through to individual members and volunteers.