Play Rounders – Reconnect to the Sport You Loved

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Welcome to the Play Rounders E-Learning.

Thank you for investing your time in learning about Play Rounders (PR) as a Play Rounders Activator (PRA) and how to create and sustain fun, safe, engaging and organised events.

Course Length

Each module is 5-10 minutes so should take 30-40 minutes.

Throughout this course you will get a good understanding of the following:

  1. The spirit of Play Rounders
  2. The Play Rounders Activator role.
  3. How to Umpire Play Rounders
  4. How to get started as a Play Rounders Activator

Recommended Settings

You can access this course through mobile devices, laptop or desktop computers. We recommend completing this course on Google Chrome

Next Steps

Should you wish to continue on your rounders journey please take a look at our Learn section of our website to see what coaching/umpiring opportunities would suit your needs

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