Derby High School – developing future England Rounders players

Derby High School

Derby High School is an independent day school for girls aged 3 to 18 and boys up to age 11 in the suburb of Littleover in Derby. It is a member of the Girls’ Schools Association.

At Derby High School Rounders is played in the Summer term for age groups U12-U16. Rounders practice takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes. Our claim to Rounders fame is that Kate Watson, one of our Year 11 students, currently represents England in the Under 16 Squad. We have several other students in the school who are very good players, with the potential in the future to trial and play for England.

We have so much fun with our students, especially when playing rounders. It is a sport that fosters a fun, laid back atmosphere, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is dry. We have many laughs and the PE staff always join in with games, which often leads to great hilarity!

Derby High School Under 16’sWe play rounders all the way through the school, right from Year 2 up to U6th, this means we play lots of versions of the game; mat rounders, 3 ball rounders, beat the ball and pairs rounders to name but a few. It allows all students to have fun and join in with playing the sport. As well as playing in the curriculum, we play extra-curricular Rounders and at local ‘City’ rounders tournaments. We have also competed in the Derbyshire School Games, several times in the past.

We love Rounders at Derby High School. We keep students engaged by making it as fun and accessible to as many students as possible whilst also providing the opportunity for higher level competitive matches; such as school fixtures, tournaments and our annual House Rounders competition. Our aim is to sustain the level of participation and involvement we already have.

We compete in our local ‘Derby City’ tournament, for age groups U12-U16, as well as playing fixtures against local schools and participating in the Derbyshire School games. To date, our greatest Rounders achievement has been finishing runners up in the 2015 Derbyshire School Games. As previously mentioned we also have one current student playing for England, as well as several former students who represented England.

Judith Hancock
Head of PE

We have many laughs and the PE staff always join in with games, which often leads to great hilarity!

Judith Hancock
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