RoundersFest (Lancashire)

As much fun as you can shake your bat at!

Fancy coming to a Rounders party?

Here is your chance to revisit those nostalgic Rounders memories!  Remember what it was like to hit a rounder, catch your friend out, run as fast as your little legs will carry you?

Our regional RounderFests have been created with you in mind. Local teams/groups of friends, coming together to play Rounders, have fun and socialise.

Itinerary for the day. 

‘RoundersFest’ locations & dates

Shropshire: Saturday 27 April     West Midlands: Saturday 15 June
Somerset: Saturday 20 July     South Yorkshire: Sunday 11 August

BOOK: Registration closes Sunday 19 May 2019. Log in as a current member or a new member then select RoundersFest (Lancashire) in the events tab.

Read How to book onto an event for step by step instructions.

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