Is Rounders really dying out?


On Friday 12th July, The Daily Telegraph published an article ‘Rounders is slowly dying out, but this most British of pastimes is well worth saving’ – and being a team of dedicated rounders players and advocates, a heated discussion ensued in HQ as we asked ourselves, do people really believe rounders is dying?

The changing world of sport

For decades, rounders has been a cornerstone of the school curriculum P.E. and loved and enjoyed by many competitive teams across the UK. At school in the 90’s, for example, you would have played rounders, football, netball and hockey, or been part of the athletic team and that would have been the limited choice on offer.

However, now the world of amateur sport is changing (thank goodness) and both men and women are encouraged to engage in whatever exercise motivates and excites them. Hurrah!

We are all in favour of choice and inclusion in sport! Who among us didn’t feel pride at the recent Women’s World Cup Football appearing on prime-time TV, fronted by talented female hosts commenting on exceptionally talented footballers?

So, where does that leave rounders?

While so many sports are now welcomed and played across England and choice is wider than ever, does that mean people are forgetting about, and/or not enjoying, rounders?

Definitely not! We at Rounders England see on a daily basis the increase and engagement in the game and we feel that the accessibility and inclusivity is encouraging more, not less, people (women AND men) onto the field.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Rounders offers a fun and friendly way to socialise and spend quality time with friends, family and colleagues. In line with Sport England’s #FitGotReal campaign, Rounders England celebrates the amazing ways people can fit exercise into their lives, no more so than by picking up a bat, gathering up a team and playing rounders!

Manchester-based Business Finance graduate, Sarah first came across rounders in her area via social media. Despite not having played rounders since her schooldays, Sarah said that within minutes of arriving at her first session, the excitement kicked in and she was hooked! Sarah’s favourite thing about rounders is that it’s a game for anyone and everyone and that whether you’re winning or losing, it is always really great fun!

You can read more about Sarah’s rounders experience here:

Here are our TOP 6 reasons why rounders is still a relevant and exciting sport in 2019:

  1. 80,000 adults play rounders regularly.
    Whether it be in an established team or socially with family, friends or work colleagues – nationally there are about 700 adult teams!
  2. Rounders ranks 5th in the most played team sports at school.
    We believe the unique nature of rounders means that it is the perfect activity to offer to young people and creates wonderful lasting memories. 90% of the population say: ‘I loved rounders at school’.
  3. Over one million people have played Rounders in the last year.
    One million. Enough said.
  4. Rounders is a cross-generational, cross-gender game that embraces all abilities.
    It’s a game that’s all about sociability, about connecting with people in an age where screens separate generations and are replacing real and meaningful interactions.
  5. Rounders and Cricket – beach sports we all play!
    Let’s be honest, you’re on a beautiful British beach with your family this summer and you have a bat and ball, you’ll play one of two things. Cricket or rounders. Fact. Who doesn’t have memories made of family rounders on the beach (and the ball inevitably being lost in the sea!)
  6. Rounders and mental health benefits
    During Men’s Mental Health Awareness week, we shared a story of an active male rounders player in our Midlands team that has used rounders to improve his mental wellbeing, and this is the case for many of our grass-roots players. Rounders can make a huge impact on community engagement and support.

Do you agree? Share your favourite memory of rounders with us on any of our social media channels and let’s remind people rounders isn’t ‘on the way out’ but on the way up.





Article by Rounders England:

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