Rounders is a sport that is easy to engage with and there are plenty of ways to get involved whatever your interest.

Umpiring and coaching are important aspects to the sport of Rounders and the importance of good umpires and coaches cannot be over emphasised. Working with players at all levels of skill and experience, from juniors right up to senior international level, you can make a real difference to the game and to the players. You don’t need to be a skilled player to be a great umpire or coach. An enthusiasm for supporting and a passion for the game are much more important!

UK Coaching offer funding support and practical, bite-sized workshops designed for today’s coaches. Find a workshop running near you.

Rounders England offers two coach awards, which mirror the umpire awards.

To become an accredited coach or umpire you will need to apply yourself to learning the generic skills – good communication, listening, evaluating, etc and more importantly you need a sound understanding of the skills of coaching or umpiring and the rules of the game.

We are always keen to recruit more coaches and umpires of all levels. Complete a form, link below, to be contacted in the future about our next available courses in your area.

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The structure of Rounders England’s pathways underpins the development of our sport.

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Rounders is easy to engage with. There are many ways to get involved whatever your interest. Umpiring or coaching offer a unique route to developing skills.