Meet the iPROSPORTS Champions

Who better to compliment the iPROSPORTS Team, and give them a shout out, than a cracking squad of Rounders enthusiasts from all areas of Rounders.

The iPROSPORTS Champions make up the fabric of our Rounders network; they work to connect people across the country through Rounders and help influence a growing brand. Each of the iPROSPORTS Champions are experts in their area of Rounders, from players, umpires, captains, workforce and everything in-between. The main qualifying criteria to become a Champion is to love Rounders as much as we do. Look out for their stories throughout the 2018 summer season!

We’re so excited to share the new iPROSPORTS collection, now we need other people to be too! iPROSPORTS are the only clothing brand approved by Rounders  England. They are a leading sports clothing brand, kitting out the England Squads and supplying teams, leagues and events throughout the country. Check out their new collection.

We are not currently accepting applications at this time. If you have questions or comments about the Champion program, please send us a note [email protected].

Article by Julia Rice: