Team Affiliation

What does Team Affiliation mean for your team? In addition to individual membership benefits, the team as a whole will benefit from the following:

  • A certificate of your Combined Liability Insurance – covering you to host events, training and matches. When booking your venue show them this certificate and in some cases you will get a discount, as there is usually a cost to be added to the venue insurance.
  • Combined Liability Insurance for Committee and Team Volunteers – protecting against the cost of a claim made against them following loss, damage or injury to someone else or their property.
  • Libel & Slander and Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance – personal liability for Committee Members for any claim that is made against the team for breach of duty.
  • Abuse cover – against such claims, including safeguarding.
  • Support to achieve a recognised standard in relation to safeguarding – free safeguarding training and support in achieving recognised safeguarding standards.
  • Rounders England Stamp of Approval – the stamp of approval via the Team Finder app will attract more players to your Team/League.
  • Support with appeals/complaints – we are here for our members and will provide support and guidance.
  • FREE online Safeguarding training – we are working in partnership with organisations to bring our members enhanced benefits.

Rounders England are responsible for managing Rounders across England. Recognised by Sport England, we offer expert advice, support including guidance on safeguarding and welfare, workforce development and opportunity to connect with people through Rounders.

Team affiliation permits access to exciting upcoming competitions outlined in the brand new Rounders England Competition Strategy.

How does my team become affiliated?

A team becomes affiliated when 10 or more people from that team become a Rounders England paid member (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Choose the right membership package for you.

The Team Secretary should add the team to the Members’ Club via the
Team Affiliation platform
. This way players can link themselves to that team.

NOTE: If your team already have an account on the Rounders platform, you can log into your account and ‘add a team’ this way. The ‘add a team’ button can be found on the left hand menu.

Team Affiliation

This form is intended for teams who have never joined the Rounders England membership.

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