My Journey to the England Squad – Part 2

Ever wondered what it’s like to trial for the England Squad? Meet Hannah Miller, the newest member of the Senior England Squad who showed her nerves who’s boss! Read on to hear about Hannah’s experience…

My first training session came round quick! On the 12th November 2017 I was back up to Corby Academy. As I drove up from Devon several things were going through my head, who are the players who have been chosen, were any of them the girls who were in my trial team, what drills are we going to do.


When I arrived everyone was there in their England kit, the Senior Squad and Under 21 Squad train together. I was apprehensive as I was the only one not in England kit. As soon as everyone had arrived, the senior player said “you must be Hannah”. I was the only new players chosen for the Senior Squad from trials, the other players had played for England before.

We started the session off with names/introductions and then quickly cracked on with the training. As we warmed up I was sussing out how my team mates played, could they throw hard and fast, catch move and be accurate whilst concentrating on my own skills.

After lunch we got more in to playing matches. It’s important to learn how the team plays together, who backs up, who has things a little different to how I play at home.

The team were very welcoming and I’m looking forward to the next training session in February. Between now and then I will keep focusing on my skills and fitness so I can be the best player I can be!

The team were very welcoming and I’m looking forward to the next training session

Hannah Miller
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