My Journey to the England Squad – Part 1

Ever wondered what it’s like to trial for the England Squad? Meet Hannah Miller, the newest member of the Senior England Squad who showed her nerves who’s boss! Read on to hear about Hannah’s experience…

On Sunday 15th October 2017 I went to Corby Academy to try out for the England Senior Squad. I was so nervous as didn’t know what to expect or how many players would be trialing.

As soon as we got booked in and had the chat from the coaches about the day, we were straight out on the pitch. While warming up, the nerves started to settle and I got into the swing on things pushing myself to 110%. Every trialist was amazing and the standard so high! It was fantastic to do the drills together…but you didn’t want to drop the ball!

The drills were based on specific skills you applied for in your application as well as all round competencies. The selectors had clipboards with your trial number and picture on; that was abit daunting as they were marking everything you could and couldn’t do, watching every catch, every hit and marking you out of 5 for every skill.


I loved every minute and wanted to stay and do more, all the girls were lovely and from all over the country. The day was done and I was buzzing all the way back to Devon.

I had to wait 2 weeks for an email which felt forever. We had been told the date the email would come and that it would say either ‘sorry you haven’t made it’ or ‘you have been selected for the team’.

The day came and I was looking at my emails every 2 minutes. The anticipation and nerves were awful, how would I feel if I didn’t get it, what would I do if I do get in was going through my head.

Finally at 11:10am it came through.

Congratulations you have been selected for the England Senior Team’.

I couldn’t believe it, I was walking the dogs on the beach and literally screamed jumping up and down I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I phoned my family and friends, nothing that day could take the smile off of my face.

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I couldn’t believe it, I was walking the dogs on the beach and literally screamed jumping up and down I was so excited

Hannah Miller
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