National Lockdown is over. Grassroots Sport can once again, begin.

Following the governments updated guidance on the return to recreational team sport late last night, we are delighted that Rounders can resume across England.

Across all tiers, match play and training outdoors can resume from Wednesday 2nd December 2020 but it is extremely important that leagues, clubs, teams, players, volunteers, parents, carers, and facility providers continue to strictly follow both the UK Government’s latest guidance on COVID-19 and respective bespoke guidance documents from Rounders England Return to Play.

Although we are really pleased that grassroots sport and Rounders can resume, the latest Government guidance includes increased emphasis on the importance of social distancing, and social interaction must be extremely limited and should only take place in line with the legal limits and other relevant restrictions. There is increased importance being placed on activities being compliant with the Return to Play guidance and whilst we thank all Rounders organisations for continually being attentive we want to urge you all to maintain such diligence and ensure the guidance is understood and managed with all players and volunteers, including spectators.

Whilst there are no additional or amended restrictions to our Rounders Adapted Game play, please see our latest framework and guidance where we included some additional details regarding travel, as below:

Adults can travel to play Rounders in between Tier 1 and Tier 2 (journeys in tier 2 should be reduced where possible) but must avoid travelling to Tier 3. However, adults in Tier 3 cannot travel in and out of Tier 3 to play Rounders. However there are some exceptions where travel is permitted where it is necessary to enable sport for disabled people, sport for educational purposes, or supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s, to take place, but this should still be minimised and kept to short distances only. Please see the travel guidance within the latest government guidelines (How to participate safely – Step 3).

REMEMBER – All leagues, clubs and teams are required to have a designated COVID-19 officer; complete and publish bespoke risk assessments and action plans; and continue to support Test and Trace efforts.

We would like to thank our Rounders community for your support, engagement and hard work in keeping the game being played at such challenging times. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any questions regarding the guidance.

Our Return to Play guidance documents can be downloaded from here.

Article by Rounders England:

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