Our Membership Review 2018

Rounders England are seeking to bring together players, team organisers, league committees, coaches, umpires, tutors, volunteers, charities, active partnerships, trusts and many more to explore and review Rounders England membership.

Since 1943, Rounders England has aimed to improve, support and develop the Rounders community across the country. Working in 4 year strategies, alongside Sport England, our values remain much the same; Fun – Passionate – Accountable – Straight Talking.

At the start of the current 4-year strategy, Rounders England membership was reviewed and redeveloped to lead to a greater connection with our members and provide a better service to teams and leagues. To ensure we continue to strive towards our values and provide the best service to our members, teams and leagues, please complete our Membership Survey and have your say!

Our Education Membership will be reviewed from January 2019, to ensure we are meeting the needs of schools, colleges and universities. Watch this space!

Article by Rounders England:

Rounders England is a non-profit sport’s national governing body (NGB) in England.
Rounders England provides a structure for the sport from the Board, local deliverers and teams right the way through to individual members and volunteers.