There is a reason why, when you ask people about Rounders it brings a smile – revisiting memories of a sport they played at school. At its basic level, it is a fun, fast team sport that both boys and girls can play whatever their ability, developing core skills in running, batting, throwing, catching and fielding. At higher skill levels the introduction of good knowledge of the rules leads to strategic and tactical decision making. It’s a great game which is exciting to play and spectate!

“We are a very proud girl’s school who love Rounders! We moved from the GCSE PE to the BTEC sport so our girls could still be examined in Rounders. Our students love the game – it is a full part of PE at Richards Lodge High School and our extracurricular club in the summer is always packed out, as well as playing it in our termly inter-form competitions.”

Harriett Dukes, Head of PE Richards Lodge High School

  • Schools


    Rounders England has many ways in which we can support schools in playing Rounders, through resourcescourses and competitions. Plus, as an education member, your school has discounted access to our upcoming competitions (see below) and females students have the opportunity to try out for the England Squads (KS3 and KS4).

    We know that Rounders is played enthusiastically in a great number of education establishments throughout the country. We also acknowledge that there is lots that we don’t know! To begin to bridge this gap we recently distributed a survey via social media, to increase our knowledge about the extent that Rounders is played in schools, the level of competition and the diversity of participants. If you or your school have not completed the survey yet, then we invite you to do so here.

    Competitions 2019

    Click on the locations or age groups for more information on the individual competitions.

    Independent School Series

    Year 8 Girls

    WORCESTER Friday 10 May

    LEEDS Friday 17 May

    KIMBOLTON Friday 7 June

    Primary Ready Rounders

    Year 5/6 Mixed

    SOUTH YORKSHIRE Thursday 20 June

    SURREY Monday 24 June

    LEICESTER Thursday 27 June

    National Rounders Championships

    Location: Leicester

    YEAR 8 GIRLS Friday 28 June

    YEAR 9 MIXED Thursday 4 July

    YEAR 10/11 GIRLS Friday 5 July

    Register your place by logging in to the Rounders platform using your email address and password. The events module is located on the left hand side of your screen. Payment for the event is done via the platform.


  • Colleges and Universities

    Rounders England works with Colleges and Universities to establish Rounders teams and leagues across the country and aim to support establishments in developing social playing opportunities, whether it is in the park or an intra university tournament!


    If you would like to start a Rounders team at your University or College, there is some information about the pitch, rules and equipment on the play section of this website. Alternatively, you can take some inspiration from our case studies.

    We would also recommend undertaking an Activator Award which aims to develop a workforce to initiate ‘start up’ Rounders activity and you can take encouragement from our player pathway to see how you could progress.

    If you already have a Rounders team at your college or university, let us know. Rounders England membership provides teams with a number of benefits including discounted entry to Rounders England competitions and access to Rounders England coaching courses.

    If you are a college or University interested in Inter FE/HE tournaments, Rounders England have set up a Facebook group  (Rounders England University and Club League Contacts and Fixtures) where you can discuss areas of good practice from your own or other Universities and get up to date information on fixtures and contacts.

    Competitions 2019

    Click on the locations and dates for more information on the individual competitions.

    The Rounders Tour

    MANCHESTER: Wednesday 20th March

    NORTHAMPTON Wednesday 15th May

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