Youth Sport Trust : After School Club

A generation will be helped to maintain multi sports skills at home in third lockdown.

Children across the UK are being helped to feel part of a club and encouraged to keep moving and developing their multi sports skills.

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) launched its online After School Sport Club during the second lockdown to help fill the void of school and community sport in children’s lives.

  • Nicolla Weekes presents

    Following the success of the Youth Sport Trusts  After School Sport Club and the announcement of a third lockdown, Youth Sport Trust are teaming up with England Rounders player Nicolla Weekes to extend the online club until at least the end of March to ensure a generation do not lose vital sports skills.

    You can catch Nicolla live at 5pm on Thursday 25th March: on the Youth Sport Trust YouTube channel

  • Small Rounders Game


    • Can be played with a minimum of 2 players
    • A jumper can be placed at each of the X spots
    • Each player takes it in turn to be the Batter, while others are Fielders
    • The Bowler bowls to the Batter. The batter runs to the first jumper on their right
    • 1 point awarded for each jumper that the Batter reaches
    • The Fielders have to get the ball back to the Bowlers jumper to get the batter out and stop them from scoring
    • Each Batter gets 5 consecutive hits, then joins the Fielders
    • The running track can be increased and decreased in size, dependent on the age and ability of each Batter


    You can download Small Game 1 and take it with you


  • Intro To Rounders - Online COURSE