Player Profile

Each week we will profile a new player in the England Squads so that you can get to know them, what inspires them and how they developed a passion for Rounders.

Meet England Player: Alexia Selzer

Player Profile



Nickname: Lexi

County: West Midlands

Position: Deep Fielder




Why Rounders:

I have participated in a variety of sports throughout my life but only discovered Rounders at secondary school. I started to play from Year 8 onwards and fell in love with the sport! I really enjoy Rounders because it is a team sport and involves many different skills.

Rounders Role Model:

My Rounders role model is Ms Chapman. She is my PE teacher and Rounders coach at school. Not only did she introduce me to the sport, she constantly supports me and improves my confidence.

A bit more about me:

Alongside Rounders, I participate in many sports including tennis, cross-country and football. I also play the piano and flute. Furthermore, due to my origins, I am fluent in Spanish and I am currently learning Mandarin.

England Squad Trials 2019

As a Member school, you can send your female students to trial for the England Squads, representing your school playing for their country.

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