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Each week we will profile a new player in the England Squads so that you can get to know them, what inspires them and how they developed a passion for Rounders.

Meet England Player:



Name: Tammie Anderson

Age: 32

County: Somerset

Position: Deep Fielder



Why Rounders?

Rounders is fast paced, fun and inclusive. I love how many people ‘love’ Rounders. The sport is accessible for many and can offer a physical and mental workout.

Do you have any Rounders role models?

My sister was always my Rounders role model, she was always better than me growing up, and pushed me to better myself.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Playing with my senior team mates again and getting the opportunity to showcase our sport around the country. And of course, the matches vs Wales.

A bit more about yourself…

I am heavily involved in sports, playing, teaching, coaching and supporting. My other favorite sport away from Rounders is netball. I play for a Bristol side called ‘Mavericks’ who play in the South West regional league. I also coach Team Bath Netball’s U19s and academy hub, as well as being Head of Girls Games at All Hallows Prep School in Somerset.


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