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Each week we will profile a new player in the England Squads so that you can get to know them, what inspires them and how they developed a passion for Rounders.

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Player Profile



Name: Amy Huntington

Age: 14

County: Yorkshire

Position: 1st post, 2nd post or backstop



Why Rounders?

I absolutely love sport and have played a variety from a young age. I developed a passion for rounders in secondary school and I have played since Year 7 until now. I really enjoy Rounders because there are so many aspects to the sport which link in with other sports and there are so many different skills. I enjoy being part of a team.

Did you have any Rounders role models?

I would say my rounders role model is Miss Baker, my PE teacher and coach for rounders at school. She initially put me forward for the trials in 2017 which I was unsuccessful in – she put me in again this year and I was successful, she supported me and believed in me which boosted my confidence.

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

The thing I am probably looking forward to the most this season is making friends within the team.  I am also excited to try and achieve my full potential, individually and in a team, and of course to get the best out of it.

A bit more about yourself…

As well as rounders, I play many other sports including netball, tennis and cricket. I am currently working towards my grade 5 piano and have just completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. I’m a qualified tennis leader which I really enjoy doing every week which involves coaching children ages 4-10.

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