Rounders Bats

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Whatever your role in rounders whether it be player, coach, match official or supporter, our Rounders resources can help you get the most out of your game.

Competitively, we recommend that approved Rounders bats by Aresson are used. Approved equipment is manufactured for the purpose and meets the specifications set out in the Official Rounders Rules book.

Approved Rounders bats are an essential piece of equipment you will need to start playing Rounders competitively.

Aresson Pro Bats are specifically designed for competitive match play at league, inter school and international level. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium ensures it is the most powerful bat in rounders.

Aresson Dicator and Aresson Autocrat Plus are hybrid Rounders bats. A mix of wood and metal combines the spring and hitting power of a willow bat with the striking power and ping of an aluminium bat. Perfect for big hitters and team players.

Options for junior players include the light, plastic Blaze Rounders bat and the Aresson Early Hitter sponge Rounders bat. Also recommended for playing inclusive Rounders.

Aresson Image Rounders bat and Aresson Mirage Rounders bat are great, all-round, durable, wooden Rounders bats. Ideal for primary and secondary school games.

Aresson Vision X bats are robust, colourful, eye-catching wooden rounders bats for play in or out of school.

The range of Rounders bats are sold in packs and available with colourful, non-slip herringbone rubber grips.