Rounders Sets


Get ahead of the game!

Shop early for rounders season. Gear up, save time, and play your best!"

A broad selection of Aresson® Sports and SureShot® Rounders sets to choose from whatever your level play or budget.

From Junior Rounders sets to Senior Rounders sets and from Beach Rounders sets to Indoor Rounders sets, there is a complete set; including bats, balls, bases and additional accessories, to ensure that you are ready to get active, wherever you play Rounders.

Rounders sets are created with Aresson® Sports and SureShot® approved Rounders equipment. Approved equipment is manufactured for the purpose and meets the specifications set out in the Official Rounders Rules book.

From social, fun games to serious league matches, these Rounders sets will ensure you are kitted out, whether you are a team, league, school, business or individual.