RACHEL, Gale Force of the Shrewsbury Recreational Rounders League


Rachel plays in the Shrewsbury Recreational Rounders League, in Shropshire, and is the Chair of the league!

My involvement in Rounders is pretty busy! I am the Chair of Shrewsbury Rounders League, which requires me to manage and liaise with the 12 teams in the league. I am also the Captain of team ‘Gale Force’. We play weekly games in the Shrewsbury league and we have a team of 11 ladies, all with a range of experience and ability.

Rounders is a huge part of my life. I am heavily involved in Shrewsbury but have also trained on the Level 1 UKCC course in Sheffield. On July 1st, I have arranged for two of the Rounders England squads to come and play a friendly at Londgen Village Hall (which all are welcome to come and watch and have a go afterwards!)

I became an iPROSPORTS Champion because I really do think they provide quality and have appreciated the opportunity to represent their clothing. iPROSPORTS are closely linked with Rounders, which is a sport that I am very passionate about, so I felt like this opportunity was one I had to take.

This season (with Gale Force) I think we are going into our 6th year! So this season is going to be another fun year to play and enjoy what we love doing… If I could play Rounders every day I would!

Keep an eye out for the iPROSPORTS Champions as they make their debut throughout the season! We’re so excited to share the new iPROSPORTS collection, now we need other people to be too! iPROSPORTS are the only clothing brand approved by Rounders England. They are a leading sports clothing brand, kitting out the England Squads and supplying teams, leagues and events throughout the country. Check out their new collection.

If I could play Rounders every day I would!

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