Rounders England CEO responds to Active Lives: Children and Young People attitudes survey

Rounders England’s CEO, Alison Howard, has reacted to the first annual survey which gives insight into children attitudes to sport and physical activity.

This new analysis identified five main findings that give us further insight into the attitudes of children and young people towards sport and physical activity. Physical literacy includes enjoyment, confidence, competence, understanding and knowledge.

Although 68% of children surveyed said they understood why sport and physical activity is good for them, enjoyment is the biggest reason why they are active.

Alison commented on the findings from yesterday’s announcement:

“We welcome the results of this survey and absolutely resonate with the key findings. We believe that a great experience of sport and physical activity as a young person leads to lifelong participation, which are crucial factors in long-term physical and mental health.

The survey findings back our own research which found that the main motivator for young people and sport was to have fun and enjoyment in the company of their friends, followed by satisfaction with increasing levels of self-confidence and skills. At Rounders England, we designed our new Competition Strategy around these motivators.

This is a great piece of research which will help us work together to get more young people active across the rounders community – and with 90% of the population saying ‘I loved rounders at school’, and rounders ranking 5th in the most played team sports at school, we believe rounders acts as the perfect activity to offer to young people and to adults who have fond memories of rounders, and few barriers to playing again.”

Find out more at For more detail you can read the full Sport England Actives Lives Survey

Article by Rounders England:

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