Rounders England Development Director responds to Active Lives Adult Survey

Rounders England’s Development Director, Dan Newton, has reacted to the most recent survey result which gives insight into adults (16+) attitudes to sport and physical activity.

Results from the latest survey show that record numbers are more physically active but while the inactivity rates decreases, stubborn inequalities still remain.

Dan commented on the findings from yesterday’s announcement:

“The Active Lives report that has been issued, gives a comprehensive overview of adult (age 16+) sport and physical activity in England in the 12 months from November 2017 to November 2018. It is positive news that Rounders continues to make a contribution to the number of adults that are regularly active.

The report shows that:

  • 74,900 people have played Rounders at least twice in the last 28 days
  • 1,003,400 people have played Rounders in the last year

Some of the reasons for the contribution that Rounders makes are its accessibility and affordability. Rounders is a cross-generational, cross gender game that embraces all abilities. It’s a game that’s all about sociability, about connecting with people in an age where screens separate generations and are replacing real and meaningful interactions.

The primary motivations that are consistently put forward by the Rounders community include having fun, broadening one’s social circle and being part of a team. Matt from Northampton University Rounders team believes that Rounders “is really inclusive, a really fun game. There is not too much pressure to be athletic because anybody can get involved.

The report highlights persistent inequalities, including those from black and south Asian backgrounds. Ready Steady Active, a community programme in Yorkshire offer Rounders with some success. Shamin’s story demonstrates the accessibility of Rounders; “I would definitely recommend joining a Rounders team if you are looking to get fit and have fun.

Our ‘We Are All Rounders’ strategy is focused on connecting people through Rounders. For more information visit our website

Read the full Sport England Actives Lives Survey.

Article by Rounders England:

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