Rounders England ties its alliance to Rainbow Laces Campaign

Rounders England is teaming up with Stonewall, the leading UK campaigning charity on LGBT rights to support the Rainbow Laces campaign.

The Rainbow Laces campaign is a way for everyone involved in sport to show their support for LGBT equality and inclusivity and Rounders England are proud to support the initiative. This year Rainbow Laces will run from Saturday 23 November to Sunday 8 December 2019.

Our attitudes and beliefs dictate how we behave, speak, prioritise and live our lives. This is why Rounders England think it is so important to challenge negative attitudes or discriminatory beliefs to stop these turning into harmful behaviours and keep Rounders a positive experience.

Stonewall has developed a range of measures to tackle homophobia in sport. The charity has issued a sports toolkit for grassroots and community sport teams to build awareness and understanding of the issues affecting LGBT people, and how they can help ensure all sports offer an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.


Come Out For LGBT People in Sport.

Rounders England have a limited number of Rainbow Laces to distribute to teams who are playing Rounders over the dates of the campaign and who will support Stonewalls campaign. If your team would like to get involved, fill out the form no later than Sunday 3rd November 2019 so we can post your campaign pack in time.

Article by Rounders England:

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